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The importance of APIs in business

With the acquisition of Apigee, Google stressed once again that APIs are crucial for running a digital business. So what does an Application...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 2 september 2016

Life @ Calibrate: DrupalCamp and cool colleagues

Calibrate is one of the biggest and most experienced Drupal agencies in Belgium. As an active member of the enormous Drupal community, they...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 6 september 2016
VR / apps

TV is not (just) TV anymore: what we learned at IBC this week

14 halls, almost stacked with exhibitors on IBC in Amsterdam last week. From devices to software and storage solutions: you name it, it was there....

Vincent Vanderbeck . 7 september 2016
mobile / AI / apps / chatbot

Why the future is all about conversational interfaces


With the launch of iOS10, Apple is moving forward in the world of conversational interfaces. Everyone seems to consider iOS 10 as...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 7 september 2016

FOCUS ON START-UPS: Social Seeder in 15 questions

Start-ups are hot and everyone talks about them. But not all of them are successful.We had a chat with the CEO of Social Seeder, Patrick De Pauw,...

Comma Group . 1 september 2016

VR and design thinking: making technology come to life with your own mind

Last week, we organized a slightly different VR workshop. Competing against various other teams, we pitched our idea, we drew stick-men, we fought...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 3 augustus 2016

Gen C: they’re not wasting time on their mobile phone, you’re losing customers

Generation C, the digital customer, gets things done on their smartphone. It’s not about chatting with their friends and wasting time watching...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 1 augustus 2016

VR is here to stay

If you think Virtual Reality is a Silicon Valley thing, a whim or just not something we’re ready for, think again. Belgium is ready for virtual...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 4 augustus 2016

Behind the scenes of your company: how to tell the realest story

You’re putting your heart and soul in your brand? From production to market, everything you do is being done with the greatest care. The final...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 2 augustus 2016
design thinking

Avoid dried up innovation at your enterprise: design thinking in 5 easy steps

Think ‘human’

Ever read this at a company’s web site? Pretty sure you have, at least once:

Vincent Vanderbeck . 3 augustus 2016
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