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Gen C: they’re not wasting time on their mobile phone, you’re losing customers

Generation C, the digital customer, gets things done on their smartphone. It’s not about chatting with their friends and wasting time watching...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 1 augustus 2016

VR is here to stay

If you think Virtual Reality is a Silicon Valley thing, a whim or just not something we’re ready for, think again. Belgium is ready for virtual...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 4 augustus 2016

Behind the scenes of your company: how to tell the realest story

You’re putting your heart and soul in your brand? From production to market, everything you do is being done with the greatest care. The final...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 2 augustus 2016
design thinking

Avoid dried up innovation at your enterprise: design thinking in 5 easy steps

Think ‘human’

Ever read this at a company’s web site? Pretty sure you have, at least once:

Vincent Vanderbeck . 3 augustus 2016

Design thinking by big brands and what to learn from them

De Standaard is a big brand. Undoubtedly an authority in its sector. They chose design thinking to translate their long established approach of...

Comma Group . 2 augustus 2016
Innovation / Startup / Design

Design thinking: the process that leads to true innovative design

 Creative people are either makers or finders. Finders discover new things or try to understand things that are difficult to understand. Makers...

Comma Group . 3 augustus 2016

Is your start up making time for digital marketing?

If it isn't. You should. Digital marketing is not a buzz word anymore. But exactly what's in it for you? Making time for online marketing is...

Comma Group . 1 juli 2016

VR in business: use cases

Virtual Reality. A hot topic in today’s business world. Everyone is enthusiastic about it, but why and how are we going to deal with it?Coming...

Comma Group . 6 juli 2016
engagement marketing / Marketing

The iCustomer: How to connect with Gen C?

Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, connecting to your customers is always a challenge. Especially when that customer is a...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 6 juli 2016

JASWIG: about storytelling and the start-up environment

Jaswig is a Ghent-based startup that produces standing desks locally. It’s a team of eight members, all passionate about entrepreneurship. They’ve...

Vincent Vanderbeck . 4 juli 2016
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