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APIs are the fastest way to give your customers what they want

How do APIs work?

API or Application Programming Interfaces are a very effective way for extracting data from an external server for making apps,...

Comma . 7 maart 2017

How to conduct a business meeting effectively?

If you ask anybody in your organization what they lose most of their time on, meetings will definitely appear in their top 3.

Comma . 3 maart 2017
content management / CMS / cloud

Content management in the cloud: 7th heaven?

Content marketing as we know it started out about, say 10 years ago. It turned into a true buzzword and today, some are even declaring it dead....

Comma . 1 februari 2017
Innovation / ideation

Disruptive innovation: on moving forward

The technology landscape is changing faster than ever. Besides new technologies like Blockchain, AI and the like, new applications of technology...

Comma . 3 februari 2017

Artificial intelligence in HR: the future of recruitment?

Vincent Vanderbeck . 2 januari 2017
content marketing / Marketing / Agile marketing

Agile marketing: our predictions for 2017?

"You know what: I think this is it, this is really going to work!" And then it doesn’t. Too often marketers find out their strategies aren’t...

Bazookas . 6 december 2016
customer experience / Digital

Local and digital: banks seem to be doing it right

According to the Belgian public has chosen AXA Bank as best bank of the year. Why are local banks on the rise in Belgium? Their...

Comma Group . 1 december 2016

SEO: really, what to focus on in 2017?

SEO rules are changing constantly. You want to focus on what’s important to appear in top 3 search results? This is an overview of what to do...

Comma Group . 5 december 2016
engagement marketing / Marketing

Snapchat Spectacles: it's not about tech, it's about marketing

While the whole world is thinking about applications in VR/AR, developing devices and trying to simplify virtual reality glasses, Snapchat changed...

Comma Group . 1 november 2016
fintech / VR / AI / facebook

WebSummit 2016: why Lisbon is cool and other take-aways

Here's what we've learned at the Web Summit (the Video edition)

Vincent Vanderbeck . 4 november 2016
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